As our founder Vehbi Koç said at the beginning of our education journey; The aim of Koç University is to ensure that non-ordinary young people are well educated.

As a result of their sufficient number and achieving decent leadership, the future of our country will be ensured… …

The more we can grow quality people, the better we will serve the country…”in light of the principle;

  • To adopt the energy we use in all our activities as a “national value”, to ensure the efficient use of the energy we spend in this direction, to set targets and constantly review it,,
  • We will provide all necessary information and all kinds of resources while working to achieve our goals and objectives,
  • To meet all applicable legal requirements regarding energy efficiency within the framework of our activities,
  • Supporting our goals and targets with the supply of energy efficient products,
  • Creating and implementing productivity-enhancing projects,
  • In addition to all these, we are committed to continuously improving our energy efficiency and declare it as our energy policy.