The aims of the department are; to plan, to carry out, to coordinate and to inspect activities related to the realisation and registration of purchases of goods and services in keeping the requirements and needs of the units, in accordance with the objectives, principles and instructions set forth in the Koç University procedures as well as in accordance with the applicable law and relevant legislation.


– To carry out studies in order to ensure that the work, which is done in the department, by conforming to the mission, vision and basic values of the foundation.

– To coordinate and supervise the activities related to the determination of the purchasing method of the demanding units in accordance with the legislation for procurement of goods and services.

– To perform market price studies related to acquisitions and to carry out transactions related to the calculation of approximate cost.

– To prepare the technical specifications of the requesting units.

– To coordinate and to supervise activities related to the preparation, filing and compliance check of the documents, which received in the procurement process.

– To manage and to report purchase procurement processes.

– To form the tender commission and to take part in the commission, if necessary.

– To ensure that supplier inventories are maintained and to keep it up-to-date with the appropriate conditions for the possible needs of the university.

– To participate in ‘Corrective Action’ and ‘Preventive Action’ activities for the purpose of eliminating the non-standard works and transactions, which may come into play in the subjects of the department, and continuously improving them.

– To comply with the rules of occupational health and safety and to ensure compliance of those, who are under their responsibility or who work with them, to the rules in question.


– To be responsible for the quality of work done and to check the quality of work, which performed within its area of responsibility.