Peak Time Application

During week days, shuttles leave whenever they reach their capacity, between the hours listed below:
West Campus – Main Campus (07:30 – 09:45)
Main Campus – West Campus (14:00 – 18:45)

15-Minute Interval Loops:

Shuttles arrive to their station 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time and wait for the scheduled time to leave. If they do not reach to their capacity before their scheduled departure time, they will leave on the exact scheduled time. However, if shuttles reach their capacity before the scheduled departure time, they will leave without waiting for the scheduled departure time. The next shuttle arrives to the station immediately after. This process will continue as the vehicles reach their capacity until the assigned departure time.

Shuttles that leave before their scheduled departure time, due to them reaching their capacity, will be followed by a second and/or a third vehicle. Those arriving as the second/third Vehicles will also wait to reach their capacity as well, and if they do not reach their capacity until the scheduled time, they will leave the station 5 minutes later than the scheduled departure time at the latest. The driver will be responsible of letting the passengers know that they are the second or the third vehicle in the line.

30-Minute Interval Loops:

It is the same application as the 15 minute interval loop application. The only difference is the passenger waiting time to reach to the vehicle capacity is 10 minutes for the second/third vehicles instead of 5 minutes.

1-Hour Interval Loop:

From 23:00 until the morning, the shuttles arrive at the station 10 minutes prior and leave at their scheduled departure time. If there are passengers left at the station, the driver informs them that he will complete the loop and come back to pick them up and they should wait for his return at the station.

Further Explanations:

During the final exams there will be shuttles between Main and West Campuses 30 minutes prior to each final exam on week days as well as weekends.

Passengers will not be allowed to get into the vehicles from any other location than the listed stations.

In case of the violation of the rules listed above and as a result the trip had to be taken with a taxi service, you may be compensated for your payment by Facilities Management, if you present the receipt of your taxi ride.

For the shuttles other than the ring shuttles that run between the Main and West campuses, in case of 10-minute delays even as a result of traffic, passengers may use taxi services to be compensated for it by taking the receipt from their trip to Assel Turizm booth to be paid in cash.