Cleaning Services

With the existing cleaning company, all living areas of the campus are cleaned by expert teams with professional chemicals within the framework of hygienic rules.

  • A contracted cleaning firm provides cleaning services to all locations on the campus.
  • Cleaning is carried out with professional chemicals and disinfectants recommended by the Ministry of Health.
  • There are disinfectant units in many common points on the campus and dormitory campuses.


  • All common areas are cleaned periodically with chemicals determined by the Ministry of Health. There are disinfectant units in all common areas and building entrances. Social distance and capacity rules should be applied in WCs. There are disinfectant units on the sides of dormitory WC doors and elevators.

Who Can Use?

Students and the Academic and Administrative Staff can use this service.

When Can It Be Used?

If you are a student;

  • Dormitory room cleaning services are provided within a certain schedule on weekdays. Room cleaning is not done on weekends. In case of a request for a different period due to a different situation, a request should be submitted to Housing Directorate.
  • Except for room cleaning, in cases where emergency cleaning is required, a C-track it ( ) request can be opened and a cleaning request can be made.
  • Your requests will be received 24/7.

How to Benefit from the Service?

  • A cleaning request can be created on C-Trackit, and the requests are answered by taking the order of the business plan.
  • If you live in dormitories, you can send your request to . If there is an urgent request, your request will be forwarded to the Housing Directorate.

For your questions, you can contact from 1397.