Security, Fire Brigade, and Emergency Management is made up of the following units:


Using technological resources, the Security Unit provides services on a 24/7 basis to ensure that educational activities are carried out without interruption and that both lives and property are secure on campus.

Fire Brigade:

It is responsible for the activities of taking fire prevention measures 24/7, in case of a possible fire; rescue and evacuation, preventing the expansion of the fire and extinguishing the fire with the vehicles and facilities it has, in accordance with the relevant laws and guidelines. In addition, his duties include performing radioactive decontamination (washing) in the establishment areas.

Emergency Management:

Emergency Management carries out training, inspection, exercises, and coordination efforts in order to be prepared for emergencies and disasters.

Issues that must be considered to ensure uninterrupted campus operations have been provided below:

a) Entering and Exiting the Campus and Student ID Card:

  • Students who enter the campus with a vehicle on a weekday shall be subject to an ID and HGS sticker check at the main gatehouse. Additionally, for security purposes the individual(s) in the vehicle shall be subjected to an ID card check. A vehicle without an HGS sticker or a student who has been banned from campus shall not be admitted.
  • ID cards are individual and cannot be shared with others. In accordance with YÖK disciplinary regulations, legal action shall be taken against students who let other individuals use their ID cards.
  • In accordance with YÖK disciplinary regulations, legal action shall be taken against students who provide false ID information.

b) Visitors:

  • Visitors and guests can enter and exit the campus between 07:00 and 23:00.
  • Communicate your visitor’s information to the main gatehouse.
  • Do not invite visitors to the campus outside of the time allocated for visitors.
  • Visitors cannot enter the campus with their vehicles. (Excluding families.)
  • Due to pandemic measures, visitors are not allowed to enter the campus.

c) Food and water delivery from outside the campus:

  • Students can order food or water from outside to the Main Campus and West Campus on a 24/7 basis.
  • Call the main gatehouse to communicate the details of the food or water delivery.
  • Employees of companies delivering food or water are prohibited from entering dormitory buildings.
  • Students must pick up the delivered food or water orders from the dormitory building entrances.
  • Companies delivering food or water who have entered dormitory buildings shall not be allowed to access the campus for 1 month.
  • Due to pandemic measures, companies that deliver food from outside are not allowed to enter the campus.

d) Lost and Found:

  • In order to prevent theft, do not leave your valuables such as bags, wallets, mobile phones, laptops, etc. unattended.
  • In the event that your belongings are lost, notify the nearest security guard.
  • If you find an item, hand it over to the lost and found office of the security department.
  • Items brought to the lost and found office can only be delivered to their owner.
  • If there is a camera monitoring the area where the object was lost, the owner of the item must submit a written petition to the Security, Fire Brigade, and Emergency Management team in order to watch the recordings.


 Telephone numbers for Security, Fire Brigade, and Emergency Management


Director of Security, Fire Brigade, and Emergency (0212) 338 3637 – 1015
Security (0212) 338 3639
Rumelifeneri Campus Main Gatehouse Security (0212) 338 3535 – 3636
Security and Lost and Found Office (0212) 338 3638
West Campus Security (0212) 338 70 07 – 7007 – 7008
Fire Brigade (0212) 338 36 40 – 3333
Emergency 1122
İstinye Campus Security Office (0212) 229 87 86 / 1055
Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (0212) 393 60 00 / 123
AKMED Security Office (0242) 243 42 74