Koc University Fire Station works 24/7. Our priority is to take precautions by making necessary controls to prevent fire in campus. In case of possible fire, our priorities are rescue and discharge, prevention of fire spread and fire extinguish. Also our duties are keeping fire station vehicle and team ready, conducting their effective organization and planning.

 Fire Station Personnel participates into meetings, training and seminars about fire and natural disasters that organized at Istanbul or out of Istanbul.

Within the scope of Regulation about Protection of Buildings against Fire, adequate number of fire cabinets and fire extinguishers had been kept in related places of buildings. In critical areas (Rare Books, laboratories, system rooms, etc.) there had been precautions taken by automatic fire extinguish systems. For protection against forest fires deluge gun systems had also been installed.

Undergraduate and graduate students that are working and taking education in faculty laboratories are taking trainings about “Fire Precautions in Laboratory”. In these trainings usage of portative fire extinguish tubes are shown. “Laboratory entrance cards” will not be given to the ones who didn’t participate these trainings.

In case of fire and natural disasters, there is “disabled resident list” in our fire extinguish vehicles to rescue disabled students from region urgently. Updated list of disabled students resident at dormitory is always kept in our fire extinguish vehicles.

In fire station there is 1 fully equipped fire extinguish vehicle with tank trailer of 5 tons. Our Fire Personnel works in Rumeli Feneri campus. In case of need, they will also be first responder in areas out of West Dormitory and Rumeli Feneri campus. In fires at West Dormitory and areas close to campus (Fener Village, Garipce Village, etc.), our priority is to extinguish fires in case of fires (including of forest fires) and protection of the safety of life and property of humans in case of rescue and discharge. In addition to these precautions, taking necessary precautions and providing the fastest and effective response in case of every kind of explosion, traffic accident, breakdown, stuck, etc. are also provided.

Water tanks, pump stations and all campus surroundings had been equipped with aboveground and ground fire hydrants.

There are 2 earthquake containers in our campus. Rescue materials in containers are controlled periodically. If there is any material (medicine, drinking water, batteries, etc.) expired, then these materials are changed periodically.

Koc University is protected against the fires at the level of international standards.


Contact Information

Fire Officer: (0212) 338 36 40

Fire Station: (0212) 338 33 33

Emergency Case: 1122